SessionCam provides you with session replay, heat-mapping and conversion funnel technology for getting valuable insights on your users.
This article will explain how you can integrate SessionCam with GetFeedback Digital. By sending the SessionCam recordingID and any feedback that users give on your web page using the GetFeedback for Web feedback button, you'll have the SessionCam recording available with each feedback item. Having the SessionCam recording available lets you analyze feedback with more detail. Seeing how customers interact with your web pages while giving feedback gives you a unique level of insight into the drivers of customers’ feedback.

Make sure that you have GetFeedback Digital and SessionCam installed on your web pages. After you’ve added both GetFeedback Digital and SessionCam to your web page, you must add the JavaScript code below. This code obtains the SessionCam SessionID and sends it to GetFeedback Digital as a Custom Variable.

Need help setting up the integration on your web page? Get in touch with GetFeedback or SessionCam Support.

To find the SessionCam sessionID, we’ll use the code below. This snippet checks whether SessionCam is active and retrieves the sessionID, if available. When a sessionID is retrieved, the ID is pushed to GetFeedback Digital as a Custom Variable.

Image of code that checks whether SessionCam is active and retrieves sessionID

View the complete code here

Add this implementation code after implementing the SessionCam and GetFeedback Digital installation code. Separate the integration code above from the main installation code by using separate <script> tags.

Tip: You can choose to manage the timing and sequence of the <script> tags using a tag manager. Read more about how to set up GetFeedback Digital using a tag manager.

To get the most out of the SessionCam integration, set up a Saved Search with email notification, set to send 1 extended feedback item per email.

Using Saved Searches allows you to quickly filter and analyze feedback session recordings.