• A GetFeedback for Web account with access to relevant buttons and campaigns
  • A Feedback button installed
  • An account with ContentSquare
  • A Tag Management System

This integration offers two methods. One method includes sending GetFeedback Digital data to ContentSquare and the other method also includes sending the ContentSquare replay link to GetFeedback Digital, which allows you to view the recorded session. The integration is enabled by ContentSquare Support or your ContentSquare CSM.

  • A pageview will be tracked in ContentSquare each time the GetFeedback for Web pop-in appears for feedback or a campaign.
  • The mood score will be sent to ContentSquare dynamic variables for both feedback and campaigns.
  • The NPS score (if set up in GetFeedback) will be sent to Contentsquare dynamic variables for both feedback and campaigns
  • The rating score for the first rating question in campaigns will be sent to Contentsquare dynamic variables.
  • Optional: The ContentSquare ID can be sent to a ContentSquare dynamic variable and to a GetFeedback Digital custom variable.

In ContentSquare, you can create custom segments related to GetFeedback for Web. Segmentation examples include:

  • Visitors who clicked the Feedback Button
  • Visitors who saw a campaign
  • Visitors who give a specific mood, rating or NPS score

You can apply any segments you create to the journey analysis module.

In the below example, we’ll apply a “SeenUsabillaFeedback” segment to the sunburst. Now, we can see where visitors give feedback in their journeys:

ContentSquare custom segment “SeenUsabillaFeedback” sunburst.

If we reverse the journey and select the “UsabillaFeedbackWidget” segment as the endpoint, we can see the most popular journeys that end up with visitors deciding to give feedback:

ContentSquare custom segment “usabillafeedbackwidget” sunburst.

If we apply the segment for visitors that gave us 5/5 we can see the journeys that result in happy customers. We can do the same with unhappy customers, too.

ContentSquare custom segment “usabillafeedbackwidget” sunburst with people who gave 5/5.

If you have replay enabled, then you’ll see a replay link attached to your feedback item as a custom variable:

Image showing screenshot of enabling replay option.

You will also see a ContentsquareReplay custom variable within your Campaign results:

Image showing how ContentsquareReplay shows within campaign results.

Contentsquare’s AI-powered digital experience insights make it fast and seamless for everyone on your team to visualize web and app behaviors so you can improve engagement, conversion, and revenue. By using GetFeedback and Contentsquare you are able to see the what and the why of your website and uncover your customers’ friction points.

To enable this integration, please get in touch with ContentSquare Support or your ContentSquare CSM, who will be able to set it up for you.