Popup Campaign Ideas for Apps

GetFeedback for Apps allows you to ask targeted questions to a set of customers. In this article, you’ll find some example questions that you can run in your app campaigns.

The examples in this article are meant to serve as a source of inspiration. When planning your surveys, it's important to make sure the questions work well with your app so you can collect valuable data.

Knowing who your customer is, what they need and the journey they’re on is powerful info you can use to improve your app. Get to know your customers by asking them who they are and what they need from you to achieve their goals.

Example questions:

  • What is your goal in our app today?
  • What was your main reason for downloading our app?
  • In which department do you work?
  • Do you use our app for work or personal reasons?

When to ask:

With GetFeedback Digital for Apps you can target customers that open your app either for the first time after downloading the app or after opening the app a few times. These are common times to ask a customer why they downloaded your app or what their goal is for using your app.

Other questions about your customers and their expectations of your app are not as much tied to the behavior and journey in your app. A good practice is defining key moments in your app during which a customer could be open to answering questions. Examples of these moments are when opening or right before closing the app, when switching to a new view or scrolling all the way to the bottom.

Once you know your customers you'll want to learn how they currently experience your app. Ask them how they feel and what they like or dislike. Your satisfaction can be measured overall or it can be tied to a certain feature or area of the app.

Example questions

  • Are you happy with our app today?
  • Are you satisfied with your search results?
  • What is the one thing we can improve?
  • How satisfied were you with your delivery / flight / product?
  • How would you rate this feature?
  • Post-purchase satisfaction: how happy are your customers with the purchase process?

When to ask

If you want to tie customer satisfaction to features in your app, ask this question right after customers use a feature, or even while they are using it.
General satisfaction can be measured when the customer has had some time to interact with the app, so for instance if they have switched to a view different views / sections in your app.

Customer-centric teams and companies often measure and track metrics like Customer Effort Scores (CES), Net Promoter Scores (NPS) or Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT).

Example questions

  • Net Promoter Score(NPS)
  • Customer Effort Score(CES)
  • Customer Satisfaction(CSAT)
  • Success score / Goal Completion Rate(GCR)

When to ask

Some KPIs or metrics are directly linked to features or certain moments in your app. For instance, if you are measuring a CES, this is typically done after a certain flow had finished. CES is for instance often measured after the customer has completed a purchase.
If your KPI / metric is more related to an overall feeling, it's good to define key moments during which you can question your customers. Normally, it's good to preserve these questions and only show them once a customer has had a chance to form an opinion about your app.

GetFeedback Digital for Apps Campaigns provide a great way to validate assumptions or certain questions that float around in your company. These examples help you to gather input on newly planned features, evaluate existing features or provide extra insights for your A/B tests.

Example questions

  • What do you think of this feature?
  • What is the main way in which we can improve our app for you?
  • The app just crashed. Could you tell us what you were doing right before the crash happened?
  • What do you think of this feature? (As part of an A/B test)

When to ask

When you are testing assumptions there is normally a dedicated feature or area of your app to which those features can be tied. An example is running GetFeedback Digital as part of an A/B test. When A/B testing possible improvements, a GetFeedback Digital survey can for instance run when your customers interact with the feature that you are experimenting on.

We like to get creative with our surveys from time to time so we’ll finish with some creative examples of how to use surveys.

Example questions

  • Would you like to participate in an on site app test?
  • Message: Welcome to the app, please have a look around and let us know if you have any feedback.

When to ask

These creative surveys can run whenever you want them to. You'll want to use these prompts at specific moments in your app, like when a customer has opened your app for the first time.