SurveyMonkey Apply

How to Add a Label to an Application

Within SurveyMonkey Apply, it is possible to create and update labels for individual applications, as well as application groups. This article provides the steps for adding a label to an individual application or multiple applications.

Labels are added to applications manually from the Manage Applications page within a program. In some cases, labels may be misapplied and need to be corrected manually.

To add a label to an individual application manually:

  1. Go to the Manage Applications page.
  2. Select an application.
  3. Select the Labels drop-down.
  4. Select the label(s) you are adding to the application.
  5. Select Done.

To add a label to multiple applications:

  • Go to the Manage Applications page.
  • Select all applications to apply the label to.
  • Select the Labels drop-down.
  • Select the label(s) to add to the application.
  • Select Done.

TIP! When selecting all results on a page, save time by using the select all checkbox located in the top left-hand corner of the manage applications table. This will select all applications on the current page.

Labels are most commonly added to an application based on a response given within a form of the application. Instead of monitoring answers to these questions and manually adding labels you can create an automation that will perform this action for you. Guidelines for building these labels follow, but note that additional conditions may be required based on your process.

Example: An application form contains a question asking what their current major is.

Application TaskA Task has been CompletedFill out a Form
Application FormWhat is your Major?is exactlyArts
Action SourceSource
ApplicationAdd a Label to the Application