How to Award Applications using Financial Management

The Financial Management feature allows you to track your funding and program budgets directly within your SurveyMonkey Apply site as well as grant awards to your applications. If you don't have the below functionality in your site you can refer to How do I award or decline an application? or contact the Customer Success team at to inquire more about Financial Management.

  1. Go to Manage Applications select the application(s) you wish to award
    Go to the Administrator Application View
  2. Click Decision 
  3. Click Award
  4. Enter the amount that will be allocated to the application(s)
  5. Optional: Choose to +Add Payment to distribute the award in multiple installments. This will allow you to set up a payment schedule.
  6. i. Select the award amount for each installment or choose to split the award evenly.
  7. Set the Award Status
  8. Enter when the Payment(s) will be distributed
  9. Optional: Include a Payment Note
  10. Click Next
  11. Optional: Select if the applications should move stages immediately
  12. Optional: Set whether or not the applicants are required to accept or decline the award.

NOTE: You will also be able to set a Decision Deadline for them which will be a soft deadline for when they need to make the decision.

  1. Optional: Determine if the decision will be visible to applicants in their application. You can choose to show this at a later date and set notifications and emails to notify the applicants of the decision (see below).

After you have awarded your applications you can choose to Hide or Show the Decision to the applicants in their portal.

  1. Go to Manage Applications select the application(s) you wish to award
  2. --OR--
  3. Go to the Administrator Application View
  4. Click Decision 
  5. Select whether to Hide or Show the decision