SurveyMonkey Apply

How To Get The Most Out Of Implementation

This guide provides you with an explanation of how SurveyMonkey Apply builds your site and programs, a process with several stages with you a the center. This guide provides you with an overview of how we can work together to ensure we complete your project quickly and efficiently!

A concise discovery starts with a thorough understanding of what you want your workflow to look like and your requirements as a whole. It starts with identifying your process.

  • Determine your preferred task types (i.e., fill out a form, upload a file)
  • Determine how you’d like to assign reviewers. Apply enables you to assign reviewers to applications in three ways. You can match them up manually, use random distribution or assign reviewers based on business rules.
  • Read through  “What to expect in the Discovery Phase”. These are the questions we’re going to ask you to understand how to build your site in a way that meets your requirements

Document collection is a critical part of ensuring we build the site to your requirements. It starts with finalizing your reference materials.

  • Finalize any application forms, recommendation forms, scoring forms, or automated email texts.
  • Make any necessary changes to your scope of work, and return it to your Apply implementation specialist with the documents that you would like built into your site
  • Include details about how you'd like form questions to work (if you have any). For example, you may want a mix of multiple choice questions, drop-down selection, or you may want some questions to be required or optional, or to make use of Apply’s question logic to let applicants skip questions.

We'll create a timeline based on the collection phase. Please ensure that the timelines set on this project work with your schedule

The first demonstration provides an early opportunity to review a demonstration of your project in action. We’ll provide the demo itself and details on the feedback phase.  We’ll record this demo and distribute it to your team after the call to make feedback easier.


  • Ensure your admin training is complete before the demo. It will ensure you have a thorough understanding of Apply’s administrative interface.
  • Prepare a list of questions you have about how Apply works. It will help us ensure we help you follow best practices and get the most value from your Apply site.

You may not have any feedback and that's okay! We're very focused on helping you succeed and we're great at our jobs! However, it's important to remember that the feedback period takes place only once. We want you to get the most from this phase.


  • Get your hands dirty; test out your new site. This article can help you get started!   
  • Be sure to peruse the resources available to you  Our Help Desk provides a range of articles and helpful customer enablement videos and webinars.
  • Fill out the feedback sheet in detail. We’ll provide you with a sheet to complete during this phase with the required details to help us find and recreate any issues. The more specific you are, the more tailored our approach can be!
  • Provide your feedback in time to keep your project on track. We love your feedback! We need it in the timelines you set with your Implementation Specialist to ensure you hit your launch date.

During the second demonstration, we show you the production-ready version of your site. We also cover the changes we made based on your feedback and the launch steps. We record this call just like the first demonstration and share it with your team. At this point, your implementation specialist will have completed all the changes identified during the Feedback Phase.

If you need changes down the road, our professional services team can assist further. And, of course, you are always free to make changes to your site on your own at any part of the process, although we recommend that you check with your Implementation Specialist before making changes. It reduces the risk of breaking anything important!


  • Bask in the glory of your new, beautiful site
  • Use this time to ask any further questions about implementation or how to manage your site once it’s launched
  • Ensure you are comfortable with the steps to launch your site

 We’re ready to launch!  The Launch Phase is a final opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your site and next steps. We’ll provide you with your contacts are moving forward (i.e., how to engage our Technical Support Team and our Customer Success Team).

The following are common terms used in an implementation project.

  • Scope of Work: The project details and timelines.  
  • Workflow: The path in which an application takes from initiation to completion. The workflow generally includes application, review, accepted, denied.
  • Stage: A step in the workflow. We have 3 types of stages; application, review, holding bucket. An application stage is a collection of tasks that an applicant must complete prior to submitting their application. A review stage is where the assignment between an application to a reviewer is defined and the reviewer’s scoring form is housed. A holding bucket is used primarily for organizing applications (ie. accepted vs. denied) as there are no tasks within.
  • Task: An action item for an applicant, a recommender or a reviewer. A task in Apply can be an online form, a file upload, payment, etc.
  • Triggers/Automations: An action in the system based on a prerequisite.
  • Assignments: The ways in which an application is assigned to a reviewer or team of reviewers. Assignments can be handled by manual matchups, random distribution rules, or automated assignments based on rules (see what is possible here).
  • Automated Email Text: Any text that you would like to automatically email to users, at any point in your process.