Release 2024.13

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

  • The primary site administrator can now change an organization’s primary admin. This will make it easier for our customers to handle Organizations' Primary Admins who leave their organization.
  • In an effort to optimize site navigation, we have begun adding hyperlinks within SurveyMonkey Apply to allow Administrators the ability to move quickly between specific areas of the product as needed. For starters, we added the following links:
    • Reviewer Assignment stage names now link to the stage
    • When building reports: Programs and Forms in the selected fields list link to the appropriate area
  • Administrators with Program Manager permissions were not able to access programs they created by duplicating an existing program. This issue has been resolved and duplicated programs can be managed.
  • Resolved a formatting issue with piping reviewer data.
  • Resolved an issue where a branching rule to hide the first column in a multi-column grid was not hiding the column correctly.
  • Resolved an issue where some awards could not be reverted.
  • Updated the reviewer dashboard to ensure the pagination controls are visible.
  • Word count question validation was not respecting the Min value if no Max value was set. This has been resolved and the min check works even if no max count is specified.
  • Resolved an issue where some recommenders could not complete their recommendations.