How to Add/Manage Administrators

The Manage Administrators section of the site allows you to add multiple administrators to your SurveyMonkey Apply site. This article will discuss how to add a user as an administrator to your site. This section will also be sometimes referred to as Manage Admins.

To access Manage Admins:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click Administrators

To add an Administrator to your site:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Go to Administrators
  3. Click Invite Administrator
  4. Enter the Name and Email of the administrator
  5. Select the Permissions that the administrator should have.
  6. Select which programs the administrator should have access to.
  7. Optional: Include a custom message that will be sent to the administrator upon invitation to the site.
  8. Send Invite in order to send the administrator an email to access the site

NOTE: Permission and Program access can still be changed once you have added the administrator to the site. For more information in regards to this, you can refer to How to Edit Program Access.

Once an administrator has been sent an invitation to be an administrator, they will be added to the Manage Admins list, however, their account will remain Inactive until they accept the invitation. Once the invite has been sent you can still choose to Resend the Invite or Withdraw the Invite.

To resend an invite to the administrator:

  1. Go to Manage Administrators
  2. Select the More Options Icon beside the name of the administrator under the Pending Invites section.
  3. Click Resend Invite

Under the circumstances that you no longer wish to allow an administrator to have access to the site under the current email account, you can withdraw the invitation from them.

  1. Go to Manage Administrators
  2. Select the More Options Icon beside the name of the administrator
  3. Click Remove Administrator

The Primary Administrator (also referred to as the Site Owner) will determine who your applicants can contact when they have questions regarding the application process. 

If you wish to change who the Primary Administrator is on the site:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click Administrators
  3. Click on the More Options icon beside the administrator you wish to make the Primary Admin
  4. Click Set as Primary Administrator

Administrators will need to have accepted their invitation to become an administrator. You will not be able to make an administrator with a Pending Invite the primary administrator in the site.

NOTE: This change can only be made by the current Primary Administrator. If you don't currently have Primary Admin access, you won't be able to make this change.