How to Delete a Task

If you are beginning to build your workflow and have added an unnecessary task, you may choose to delete it from your site. This article will walk through how to delete an applicant task, how to delete a reviewer task, and the implications involved with deleting a task that contains application data.

  1. Go to your Workflow
  2. Click on the Name of the stage to access the stage configurations.
  3. Click on Tasks
  4. Hover your cursor over the task name to reveal the More Options icon and select.
  5. Select Delete

As only one reviewer task can exist in each reviewer stage, in order to delete a reviewer task you will need to delete the entire stage the reviewer task exists in. For more information in regards to this please see How to Delete a Stage.

Please advise extreme caution when it comes to deleting a task from your site. When a task is deleted from the site it will also delete ALL collected data to that task.

For example, if you were to delete an upload task from the site anything uploaded to the task by your applicants would also be deleted and will not be retrievable.

If you were to delete a Get a Recommendation task, the completed recommendation form/upload would also be deleted. This would mean that the information would no longer be within the application to be able to download or report on.