Collaborators: Overview

Enabling Collaborators on a program allows a user to add additional members to their application. This is useful for applications requiring collaboration and multi-user access without those users needing to share a login account for access.

Enabling Collaborators is specific to each program in your site.

In order to enable collaborators:

  1. Go to the Program Settings
  2. Go to the Applications tab
  3. Enable Allow Collaborators
  4. Optional: Restrict collaborators to specific email domains. An example of this would be if your organization is an education system and wish to ensure that only users with your institutions' domain are added to the application.
  5. Optional: Add instructions to your applicants on who they should invite to their application
  6. Save & Exit the Program

If you wish to configure which tasks in your workflow your collaborators will have access to you can enable a setting in each task.

NOTE: This process will only determine who can Edit the task, however, all members of the application will be able to View all completed forms in the application.

  1. Go to the Workflow
  2. Access the Stage Configurations of the Application Stage
  3. Go to the Tasks tab
  4. Click on the Task
  5. Click on the dropdown under "Set who can edit this task"
    NOTE: This is only available if Collaborators are enabled
  6. Select the restriction between the three Options Available
    i. Applicants & Collaborators
    ii. Applicants Only
    iii. Collaborators Only
    NOTE: By Default "Applicants & Collaborators" will be selected for each applicant task.
  7. Optional: If "Collaborators Only" was selected, enter instructions on who the applicant should request as a collaborator to complete the task.

Example: Applicants in your site under the age of 18 require a consent form from their Parent or Guardian. Therefore, we want to add the Parent/ Guardian as a collaborator of the site in order to access the application and complete the consent form. However, we do not wish for the Applicant to be able to edit this form themselves. Therefore, based on the steps above we would select "Collaborators Only."

Once you have configured the collaborator process within your program and workflow, Applicants will be able to begin inviting collaborators to their application. There are three major components to this process:

Within the applicant's application on the left side of the screen, they will be able to click the Add Collaborators button. Upon doing so they can enter the email address of the collaborator they are adding, set the permissions of the user to View & Edit or View Only and provide an optional message to the collaborator.

NOTE: If you have a Collaborator Only task, collaborators would need to have View & Edit status in order to edit the task.

Once the invite is sent the collaborator will receive it at the email provided by the applicant. Within the email, the collaborator will be able to Join the application or Decline the invite.

Upon clicking Join Now within the email the collaborator will be able to either Login or complete the registration process, depending on if they already have an account.

Once they have logged in they will be successfully added as a collaborator to the application.

NOTE: If the collaborator is sent an invite to multiple applications, they will need to Join each application through the email that is sent.

After the Collaborator has accepted the request and logged in they will have access to the application. Their permissions will depend both on the settings that have been given to the task as well as the permissions set by the applicant.