How to Manage your Salesforce v4 Integration

When you first add the integration, it will be INACTIVE.

To activate:

  1. Access the Salesforce Connections section
  2. Click on the ellipsis beside your integration and click Activate
Connection established, dropdown menu with Configure automatically, Edit account, Activate, Rename and delete

Click on the Checkbox beside the integration, and click Actions > Activate

Salesforce Connection, Actions dropdown to show activate, deactivate, and delete

Your Integration will also need to be Active before you can activate your Automations.

If at any point the owner of your Salesforce account changes you will need to update this within SurveyMonkey Apply as well.

  1. Access your Salesforce Integration
  2. Click on the Connection Settings tab
  3. Beside the Salesforce account owner field, click Change
  4. Click Authenticate
  5. Login to your new credentials on Salesforce and follow the onscreen instructions to change the ownership
Under connection settings, connection name, environment type, salesforce accounts owner, change