Sending Surveys via MailChimp

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SurveyMonkey and MailChimp combined forces to provide more ways for you to email surveys to your friends, customers, employees, fans, and more. You can design a survey in SurveyMonkey and then distribute it through a SurveyMonkey email template in MailChimp.

When you send your survey with MailChimp you are sending out a Web Link Collector. By default this collector is set to allow respondents take your survey once per computer.

Response Tracking and Analysis

You can view responses collected with the MailChimp integration in your SurveyMonkey account. Unless you add a question to the survey that collects identifying information, these responses will be anonymous. We don't record the email address associated with the MailChimp list that distributed the survey.

However, you can view who completed the survey (and their response), how many have started it, how many people haven't started at all, and click straight through to view how an individual responded back in SurveyMonkey in the Reports section of your MailChimp account. For more on survey reporting features check out MailChimp's help center article: Integrate SurveyMonkey with MailChimp.

To click through to an individual response in SurveyMonkey:

  1. From your Campaigns list, click View Report for a SurveyMonkey campaign.
  2. Click the Analytics 360 tab and scroll to SurveyMonkey Stats. You may need to authorize this feature to begin collecting data.
  3. Click View response next to the email address of the response you want to view and you'll be taken to the response in SurveyMonkey. Please note, it can take at least three hours from the time you sent your MailChimp campaign to begin collecting data.

In addition, you can send follow-up emails in MailChimp:

  • to those that have not started
  • to those that have started but did not finish
The integration lets you design a survey in SurveyMonkey and distribute it through a SurveyMonkey email template in Mailchimp.

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