PAID FEATURE: Customizing a logo is only available on some paid plans—see if it’s on your plan.

Logos are the images at the top of Wufoo forms and reports. You can replace the default logo by adding your own to a theme, and then applying that theme to your form or report.

To add your own logo to a form or report:

  1. Click Themes in the header of your account.
  2. From the Theme dropdown, choose an existing theme or create a new one.
  3. Click Logo from the list of properties, then click Your Logo.
  4. Enter the URL of your image.
  5. Enter the height, in pixels of your logo to make sure it's not cropped or cut off.
  6. Click Apply, then Save Theme.
  7. Apply the theme to any of your forms or reports.

You can use the File Manager to host your logo in your Wufoo account. This will give you a direct URL to use when adding a logo to your form.

To get started, add your logo to the File Manager. Then, click the More icon and choose Get Link.

If you don't host your logo in the File Manager, you can host your file on your own server or another file hosting service.

To make sure your logo properly displays in your form, it must be hosted on a site that uses the latest version of HTTPS.

For most themes, your logo needs to have a width of 640px or less. However, if you're using the Newfangled theme as a base, your logo can be up to 960px in width. Logos can be any height, which you can adjust from the theme settings.

If your logo is cut off at the top or bottom, increase the height of the header from the logo settings in your theme.

If your logo is cut off on the left or right side, you’ll need to resize the image outside of Wufoo so it's within the width limits.

When you embed your form on a website, the header and logo are removed so your form looks more seamlessly integrated into the page.

If you want your logo on an embedded form, you can use HTML to add the logo to the top of your form in the Form Builder, instead of adding it to your theme.