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Using API Information and Webhooks

API information shows you the API ID for each field in a form and your account's API key.

To see the API information of a form:

  1. Log in and go to Forms.
  2. To the right of the form, hover over More and click API Information.

TIP! Our API docs are a great place to learn all about the Wufoo API.

You'll need your API key to use the Wufoo API. Your API key is unique to your account and grants access to your data, so make sure to keep it protected the same way you'd protect your password.

If you need to reset your API key, just click Reset. This is a good option if you're changing API permissions in your organization.

Each field in your form has a unique API ID to use in API calls. API IDs are super useful when you need to customize confirmation emails, or when using URL modifications to pre-populate a form.

PAID FEATURE: Integrations are only available on paid plans.

Webhooks automatically send form data to other applications when someone submits your form. They don't use API requests, and won't count towards your API limit. You can add up to 10 webhooks per form.

To add a webhook to a form:

  1. Log in and go to Forms.
  2. To the right of the form,
    • If you're using legacy Wufoo, click Edit then click Add integrations.
    • If you're using the new Wufoo experience, click the More icon then click Integrations.
  3. Click the dropdown menu and choose WebHook.
  4. Click Add Integration.
  5. Enter your WebHook URL—the URL where Wufoo should send the HTTP POST.
  6. Enter your WebHook Handshake Key (optional).
  7. To include metadata about your form's fields, click Include Field and Form Structures with Entry Data.
  8. Click Save.