PAID FEATURE: Integrations are only available on paid plans.

Salesforce is a software as a service (SaaS) company that distributes business software on a subscription basis. In its most basic form Salesforce is a Lead and Contact manager. The Salesforce integration lets you create a new Lead or Contact automatically when someone fills out your Wufoo form.

Build a form that will collect contact or lead information. If your form will create a lead, it must contain fields that collect a Last Name and a Company. If your form will create a contact, it must contain a field that collects a Last Name.

The following fields can be mapped when using a form to create a lead in Salesforce:

  • Lead Object Fields
  • Contact Object Fields

To integrate a form with Salesforce:

  1. Log in and go to Forms.
  2. To the right of the form,
    • If you're using legacy Wufoo, Edit then click Add integrations.
    • If you're using the new Wufoo experience, click the More icon and then click integrations.
  3. Select Salesforce from the dropdown menu and click Add Integration.
  4. In the box that appears, enter the email and password you use to login to your Salesforce instance and enter your Salesforce Authentication Token. Your authentication token is a generated key which changes when you change your Salesforce password.
  5. Select either Lead or Contact from the Create This Object dropdown.
  6. Click Match Fields and select how your form’s fields should map to data in Salesforce. For example, select the field where people will enter an Last Name from the Last Name dropdown.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Optionally, edit the Note Title and Note Body that will be included with the created Salesforce object. You can use template tags to include information collected through your form in your note.
  9. Click Save.
REQUIRED_FIELD_MISSINGRequired fields are missing: [{requiredField}]
You’ve either forgotten to match your fields or someone failed to fill out a required field. Be sure your form's fields are set to Required for Salesforce required fields.
API_DISABLED_FOR_ORG APIAPI is not enabled for this Organization or Partner. Your Salesforce version does not support API access. Salesforce API access is restricted to Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer editions.
I cannot see my notes in SalesforceYour Notes have been hidden from view. You'll need to edit the layout of your Salesforce objects to show notes.