Welcome to the New Wufoo Experience

NEW FEATURES: Try out the latest Wufoo features and designs!

Wufoo’s getting a new look (and fresh features to go with it!) The new experience gives you access to the latest features, like File Manager. It won’t affect your existing forms, settings, or data in any way. So if you create a form while in the new experience, the form and all its data will still be there if you decide to opt out later.

We recommend keeping your account in the new Wufoo so you can access new features as they're released. However, if you need to go back to the legacy view, you can go to the Users tab, uncheck the box that says Use the new experience and save.

When you opt in, you can see all the current features and designs we’re trying out. All other features will appear and work the same as usual.

Right now, the Form Manager, the File Manager, and the Entry Manager have a new look. Check them out!