The Price field is an open-ended field where people can enter a price of their choice.

Sample of the price field type.

Price fields only accept numerical values.

The Price field type supports the following Field Settings:

Choosing a different currency format changes the field format to match that currency. For example:

  • The default currency format is $ Dollars, which displays one textbox for Dollars and one textbox for Cents.
  • If you were to select £ Pounds Sterling, the labels would change to Pounds and Pence.
  • If you were to select ¥ Yen, the format would shift to displaying only one textbox, with the label Yen.

In order to process payment for the amount someone enters into the Price field on your form, you have to make sure to select the Price field in the Assign Prices section of the Payment Settings page. Learn more: Collecting Payments