Paragraph Text Field

The Paragraph Text field is a large textbox that accepts multiple lines of text—ideal for essay questions or open-ended comments.

Sample of the paragraph field type

You can add a maximum of 10 Paragraph Text fields per form. There's no way to extend this limit, but there's a workaround you can use to stitch two long forms together: Überforms! How to Seamlessly Stitch Large Wufoo Forms Together

There's no hard limit on the number of characters that one Paragraph Text field can accept, but people may run into memory errors when they submit your form if you're nearing the 100-field limit—especially if you have a large number of Paragraph Text fields.

The Paragraph Text field type supports the following Field Settings:

You can also adjust the Field Size setting to change the height of the paragraph textbox. There's no way to adjust the width of the textbox in the field settings, but you can use custom CSS to change the width of individual fields.