Forms with Multiple Pages

By default, Wufoo forms have one page, but you can add Page Breaks to your form to introduce pagination and break up your form into smaller steps or sections.

  • Adding a Page Break
  • Deleting a Page Break
  • Each page must contain at least one field.
  • There's no limit to the amount of pages you can add to a form, but each page break is considered to be a field and will contribute to the overall field limit.

Once you add a page break to your form, there are a number of additional form elements and settings that become available. Click that page number bar that appears at the top of your form to edit the Pagination Options.

StepsShow circular page numbers at the top of your form. As a person fills out your form, the colors of the circles change to indicate their progress.
PercentageA progress bar will show at the top of your form that shows people the percentage they've completed so far.
No ContextNo progress bar will show at the top of your form.
Show Page Titles in Progress BarShow or hide the page titles in the Steps or Percentage progress bar at the top of the page, and edit page titles.
Hide Page Numbers in FooterShow or hide the page numbers from lower-right corner of your form—1/5, 2/5, 3/5, etc.

When a form has multiple pages, we add Next Page and Previous buttons. See Navigation Buttons for more info on how to customize these extra buttons.

Multi-page forms also introduce the possibility of receiving partial entries—people might fill out and submit page 1, but abandon the form on page 2 without submitting their complete response.

We track what percentage of the form someone went through before abandoning the form, and we make this info visible in entries and reports.

  • In the Entry Manager we show the percentage of the form that the person completed before abandoning.
  • In the Report Builder you'll see two new columns:
    • Last Page Accessed - Shows the last page the user tried to fill out before they left
    • Complete Submission - A yes or no indicating whether the person made it through the entire form.