The Likert field is displayed as a matrix, where people can evaluate a series of statements using the same scale. Each option on the scale corresponds to a number value, so you can see an average score for each statement when you create a report.

Sample of the Likert field.
  • Each statement can contain a maximum of 255 characters.
  • Each column heading can contain a maximum of 255 characters.

The Likert field type supports the following Field Settings:

By default, the numbers under each answer choice indicate the number value of that option. Hiding the numbers won't remove weights from the backend, so the field will still calculate averages in reports, but the numbers will no longer be displayed to people taking your form.

Select Not Applicable to add an additional N/A column with a weight of zero to your Likert field, so that even if the field is required, people have the option to express that a particular statement doesn't apply to them.