The Forms page is where you can view and manage all the forms in your account. To get there, click Forms in the header of your account. It's also the page you see when you first log in.

There are several actions you can take to customize your form from the Forms page.

Editing a formClick the title of the form that you want to edit. This will take you to the form builder.
Today's EntriesGo to a filtered view in the Entry Manager that shows entries that were submitted today. The number next to the icon represents the number of entries submitted today.
All EntriesSee all entries in the Entry Manager. The number next to the icon represents the total number of entries that form has received.
ShareGet links to your form or the embed code you can use to put the form on your website.
PaymentsGo to the Payment Settings page, where you can set up your form to collect payments.
More ...Access these options from the More menu:
- View form: See your form how people in the wild will see it and submit test entries.
- Rename form: Add an internal form name that only people logged into the account will see.
- Labels: Add form labels to help categorize and filter your forms.
- Duplicate form: Create a copy of your form in your account.
- Delete form: Permanently delete the form from your account.
- Make public or private: Public forms can be filled out by anyone. Private forms can only be filled out by users who are logged in to your account.
- Set password: Password protect your public form.
- Form rules: Use the Rule Builder to add logic to your form to trigger actions when certain conditions are met.
- Notifications: Set up email and SMS notifications for new entries.
- Integrations: Integrate your form with other apps.
- Analytics: See the Analytics dashboard for your form and get high-level date about entries.
- API information: Get your API key and API IDs that you can use in Templating and URL Modifications.

Use these options to keep your forms organized, or quickly find the ones you need.

Using the drop-down menu on the top right, you can sort your forms based on the following criteria:

Sort ByDescription
Date createdSort by the date forms were created.
Date modifiedSort by the date forms were last edited.
Total entriesSort by the number of entries.
Recent entriesBrings all forms that received entries today to the top of the list.
NameSort form with special characters at the top followed by 0-9 and A-Z.

TIP! You can switch between ascending and descending order by clicking the blue arrow next to the menu.

Use the search box at the top of the Forms page to narrow the list down to only forms that contain your search term in the title.

There isn't a way to put forms into folders, but if you're in the new Wufoo experience, you can add form labels to help categorize and filter your forms.

We recommend switching to the new Wufoo experience to make sure you get all the latest features. However, if you're still using legacy Wufoo, this will help you use the Form Manager.

  • Legacy Form Manager