Field Settings are settings that you can apply to an individual field on your form—they control all sorts of things like validation, format, visibility, encryption, field size, layout and requirements for filling out the field correctly.

Each field type supports a unique set of Field Settings. In any Field Type article, you'll find a full list of field settings that are available for that field—as well as more information about the additional Field Settings unique to that field type. See: Field Types

To access Field Settings:

  1. Log in and go to Forms.
  2. Click the form you want to edit.
  3. Click a field on your form to open its Field Settings.
Field SettingDescription
Field LabelThe text paired with each field that tells people what kind of data they need to enter. This is usually just one or two words (like "Name" or "Rate your experience"), but this could also be a longer phrase or a question.
Field TypeBefore saving a field, you can switch the field type to change the type of data you want to collect. You can't change the field type once the field is saved.
Learn more: Field Types
Field SizeLets you change the size of some field types.
RequiredRequires people to fill out the field in order to submit their entry.
No DuplicatesBlocks people from submitting an answer that was already by someone else in a previous entry.
RangeLimits accepted answers to a specific range, like word count, character count, or numerical range.
Instructions for UserAdds instructional text that only appears when someone is filling out that particular field—so you can add more context without cluttering your form with too much text.
RandomizeRandomizes the answer choices for each person taking your form.
Everyone vs. Admin OnlyAdmin-Only fields are hidden from public view, so they're only editable through the Entry Manager.
EncryptedEncrypted fields are stored with additional security on our servers, so they're ideal for fields that are collecting extra-sensitive data.
Placeholder TextAdd grey example text to your field that disappears when people start typing, and never gets recorded in your results.
Predefined ValuePre-populate default values into your form.
Max QuantitiesLimit how many times a specific answer choice can be selected (over the lifetime of the form).
Import Predefined ChoicesWufoo provides lots of pre-written sets of answer choices that you can add to Multiple Choice, Dropdown, and Likert fields to save you time. You can also copy and paste your own predefined answer choices in bulk.
CSS Layout KeywordsChoose from a selection of keywords that adjust the layout and position of fields and text on your form, or hide certain form elements.
FormatSome field types have unique formatting options available. See the following articles for details:
- Price
- Date
- Phone
- Name
Hide NumbersSee: Likert
Not ApplicableSee: Likert