You can duplicate a form from the Forms page to make a copy of it in your account.

When you duplicate a form, most settings across the form are carried over to the new copy—Field Settings, Form Settings, Notifications, Rules, Payment Settings, Password, Theme, etc.

The following is not duplicated:

  • The links and embed codes on the Share page
  • Form permissions
  • Entries, Analytics, and Reports

To duplicate a form:

  1. Log in and go to Forms.
  2. Click the ... More icon next to the form you want to duplicate.
  3. Click Duplicate form.

Don't See the Duplicate Option? You can only duplicate a form if you have permissions to create a new form. If you're unsure, check under the Users tab.

When you duplicate a form, a new form is created in your account with "Copy" appended to the end of the title.

You can edit the title at any time, but keep in mind that if you just remove the word "Copy" from the title, and the title becomes exactly the same as the original form, a random string of letters and numbers will get added to the end of Title Link URL to differentiate the two. To remove this part of the URL, give the form a unique title.

There is no way to copy or transfer a form or its data to another Wufoo account.