Adding Terms or a Consent Statement to a Form

Using a combination of field types and some layout tricks, you can set up your form so that people need to agree to your terms of service or a consent statement before filling out your form. You can even display your terms in a scrolling textbox so that they don't crowd your form. Here's what they'll look like:

Example of a terms of service added to a form. The terms are in a scrolling textbox with a check mark to agree and a submit button.

To add terms or a consent statement to your form:

  1. Log in and go to Forms.
  2. Click the form you want to edit.
  3. Add a Section Break field to the beginning of your form.
  4. Click the field to open its Field Settings.
  5. In the Instructions for User textbox, paste your terms of service or consent statement. You can use HTML to format this text however you'd like.
  6. Type scrollText into the CSS Layout Keywords textbox. This will display the text in a scrolling textbox. You can skip this step if your text isn't long enough to warrant a scrollbar.
  7. Click the Add a Field tab.
  8. Add a Checkboxes field to your form right below the Section Break.
  9. Click the field to open its Field Settings.
  10. Click the delete button to the right of the second and third choices, so you're left with only one checkbox.
  11. Change the answer choice text to say something like "I agree to the Terms of Service".
  12. Click Required to make the field required, so people need to agree to your terms in order to proceed.
  13. Click the Add a Field tab.
  14. Add a Page Break to your form, just underneath the Checkboxes field.
  15. Add some more fields to the second page.
  16. Click Save Form.