Adding and Editing Fields

To add a field to a form:

  1. Log in and go to Forms.
  2. Click the form you want to edit.
  3. Click the Add a Field tab.
  4. Decide which Field Type you need.
  5. Once you decide which one you want, there are two ways to add it:
    • Click the field type to add it to the end of your form.
    • Drag and drop the field type anywhere on your form.
  6. Click the field you just added to open its Field Settings and adjust the options.
  7. Click Save Form.

The number of fields you can add to a form is limited by the maximum row size limit of 65112 bytes per form. Because some field types count as more than 1 field toward this limit, the total number of fields you can add to a form may vary.

. For example:

  • Checkboxes: Each answer choice counts as 601 bytes toward the limit.
  • Likert: Each row counts as 1021 bytes toward the limit.
  • Address: Counts as 6121 bytes toward the limit.

To avoid reaching the maximum row size limit, we suggest:

  • Being selective of the types of the field types you use;
  • Consolidating some questions into a single field, or;
  • Creating multiple forms to accommodate your requirements

If you hit the field limit, there's no way to extend it. However, you may consider this workaround to combine two forms: How to Seamlessly Stitch Large Wufoo Forms Together

To help you format your form, the table below shows how many bytes each question/field type contributes to this limit:

Question TypeNumber of SubfieldsTotal Size (bytes)
Likert1 per row1021 * num rows
Checkbox1 per option601 * num options
Single Line Text11021
Multiple Choice11021
File Upload11021
Paragraph Text112
  • Delete a Field
  • Duplicate a Field
  • Reorder Fields
  • Copy a Field to Another Form