Your subdomain is the username for your account. It's used in URLs associated with your account, in links to your forms, and in your report links.

A subdomain appears in front of a website's domain. For example, the www. bit you see in a URL is a subdomain. Sometimes, you'll see something else in front of the domain rather than www.

For example:

  • Domain: wufoo.com
  • Subdomain: www.wufoo.com, subdomain.wufoo.com, hello.wufoo.com, pizzapalace.wufoo.com

Account Creators

The subdomain for your account is the username you entered when you first signed up for the account.

You and Admins in your account can find the subdomain on the Account Manager page.

You can see your account's subdomain whenever you're logged in to your Wufoo account—just look at the URL in the address bar of your browser and look for the part that comes before wufoo.com.

If you're not able to log in, please reach out to someone in the account who can share the subdomain or account login link with you.

You can only edit the account's subdomain if you're the Account Creator. To change the subdomain:

  1. Log in to your Wufoo Account
  2. At the top of the page,
    • If you're using legacy Wufoo, click Account.
    • If you're using the new Wufoo experience, click your username then click Account Settings.
  3. Click the Change Subdomain button.
  4. Read the warning that pops up: All of the links to your forms and reports will break when you change your subdomain, which means you'll have to get new links and code snippets from the Share page.
  5. If you're okay with your links changing, click Yes, I understand.
  6. Type in a subdomain (lowercase letters and numbers only) and click Check Availability.
  7. When you find one you like that's available, click Change Subdomain.