If you got an email about changes to your Wufoo plan, this article will help explain what this means for your account, how much your plan will cost, and when your next payment is due.

Thirty days after you receive your email, you'll be migrated to one of our new Wufoo plans (Starter, Professional, Advanced or Ultimate). However, you won't be charged until the date of your next renewal. Your new plan will give you more entries per month, increased file storage, and more API requests at a slightly higher price.

On your next renewal date, your subscription price will increase. As a thank you for being an existing customer, we're applying a special discount to your plan, which you can see in your email notification.

To see your next renewal date, click the Account tab and scroll down to Your Bills.

Do I have to do anything?

Nope! As soon as your plan renews, you'll be migrated to your new plan automatically. At that point you'll have access to the new limits of your plan.

We're increasing the price of new Wufoo plans. When you're migrated to a new plan, we'll apply a special discount to your account so that your new plan only costs a bit more than you were paying before. This discount is exclusive to your account.

To see your discounted price, please check the email that we sent to the email address associated with your account. Thirty days after you receive your email, your account will be migrated. At that point you can click the Account tab to view your discounted price and the features of your new plan.

The discount is applied to your account for all upcoming renewals until further notice. While we can't promise you this discount forever, we plan to honor this pricing for at least the next few years.

Some features from the Ad Hoc plan are no longer available on the Starter plan. However, if you were migrated from the Ad Hoc plan to the Starter plan, we’ve grandfathered you into the features you had before. This means you can continue to use all the features you had previously without losing access to anything.

Our new plans also have increased limits for entries, reports, file storage, and API requests.

Find out the new name of your plan and what increased limits you may have below!

  • Ad Hoc → Starter
  • Bona Fide → Professional
  • Carpe Diem → Advanced
  • Ad Infinitum → Ultimate