You can edit certain parts of a survey after you send it out. If the survey doesn't have any responses, you can fully edit the survey.

If the survey is live, meaning it already has responses, editing options are limited. You're able to:

  • Add new questions
  • Edit existing text
  • Add, edit, or hide answer choices
  • Sort answer choices alphabetically or randomly
  • Delete a question—this deletes responses for the question in your results
  • Move questions or pages—be mindful of any Skip Logic applied
  • Change the point value of a quiz question
  • Edit row and column labels of a Matrix/Rating Scale question
  • Add new rows to a Matrix/Rating Scale question
  • Add or remove question options like requiring an answer or text validation

Changes you make to the survey design go live as soon as you save them. The survey link doesn't change, so you don't need to send out a new link or inform anyone the survey has been edited.

Editing is limited after you collect responses since significant changes to the survey design affect your ability to properly analyze results. You can't delete an answer choice if the question has any responses. You can instead hide the answer choice OR delete the question entirely (including any of its responses) and re-add the question.If you need to make edits to the survey that aren't possible because of this limitation, you have a couple options:

  • Clear responses and edit the existing survey
  • Make a copy of the survey and re-send it

The SurveyMonkey mobile app is great for making small edits to your survey on the go, like fixing typos or adding new questions. However, once you've collected responses to your survey, we suggest making edits on our website instead. For example, deleting an answer choice in the app will permanently remove its responses from the survey, so use caution.

If you need to hide an answer choice from future respondents, use our website.