SurveyMonkey Genius scores your survey and gives you personalized recommendations for making improvements before you send it out to get responses. Based on survey research, our recommendations are aimed at making it more likely for people to complete your survey so you can get the responses you need.

If you'd like to score people's answers to your survey instead, check out Quizzes.

When you use SurveyMonkey Genius to score your survey, you'll get an overall assessment and recommendations for improving your survey completion rate.

To use SurveyMonkey Genius to score your survey:

  1. After creating your survey, go to the Preview & Score section.
  2. Review your score and recommendations. You can also get feedback on your survey by inviting people to comment on it.
  3. Make improvements based on any recommendations. You can always score your survey again after you've made changes to see how you did!

Survey research shows that things like the number of questions in your survey, the order of question types, and the size or length of a question can affect survey completion rates. Your score and recommendations are based on this data.

Here's what each piece of your score means:

Overall AssessmentYou'll get an overall assessment like "Critical Issues," "Minor Issues," or "No Issues" depending on how many areas for improvement we find.
Estimated Completion RateThe percentage of respondents that will likely complete your entire survey.
Estimated Time to CompleteHow many minutes we estimate it'll take for people to complete your entire survey.

Based on how you've set up the questions in your survey, we recommend specific things you can change to make it more likely for people to complete your entire survey. Under each recommendation, we specify which question it applies to so you can easily go in and make the right changes. We'll also recommend some features that might interest you based on how you've set up your survey so far.

If you edit your questions based on our recommendations, you can always rate your survey again to see how you did. Of course, it's not required to follow our recommendations if you don't want to.

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