Page and Question Numbering

By default, page numbers will be hidden from view, and automatic question numbering will be turned on. You can toggle question and/or page numbering on and off in the Design Survey section.

You can also choose to number questions across the entire survey from 1 to n (n being the total number of questions on the survey), or restart question numbering at 1 on every page.

Question Numbering

By default, question numbering will be set to number questions over the entire survey from 1 to n. You can choose to hide question numbering, or to number each page of questions separately.

To edit question numbering:

  1. Click the Design Survey tab.
  2. In the left sidebar, click OPTIONS.
  3. Click Question Numbers.
  4. Click the toggle to the right of Show Question Numbers to turn numbering on and off.
  5. Choose from the following numbering options:
    • Number questions over entire survey - Display question numbers relative to the survey as a whole.
    • Number each page of questions separately - Restart numbering on each page. In other words, each page will start at 1.

Your changes will save automatically.

TIP! Sub-numbering. You can turn off question numbering and manually enter question numbers like 1a and 1b into the question text.

Page Numbering

By default, page numbering will be turned off. If page numbering is turned on, then page numbers will appear to the left of the page title. If you haven't added page titles, the page numbers will still appear.

To turn page numbering on/off:

  1. Click the Design Survey tab.
  2. In the left sidebar, click OPTIONS.
  3. Click Page Numbers to toggle numbering on and off.

Your changes will save automatically.

Surveys with Skip Logic

If you have skip logic applied to your survey, and the question numbering is set to "Number questions over entire survey," then the survey will automatically renumber the pages and questions according to the respondent's skip path.