How to Require Users to Opt-in during Registration

When a user Registers to SurveyMonkey Apply they are automatically opting in to have their data shared with Reviewers, Administrators, and other stakeholders as part of your organization. However, through our Data & Privacy Policies, users are given the option to Opt-out after registration.

However, this article will provide a way in which you can require your users to Opt-in to have their data shared, prior to registering to the site.

We would recommend adding additional instructions to your homepage to clarify what you will be using the applicant's data for.

To add additional instructions:

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Go to Pages.
  3. Click to Edit the Homepage.
  4. Enter the instructions that you wish to appear on the homepage.
  5. Click Save.

TIP! Include a link to our Data & Privacy section to provide your users with all the information they need about their data.

If you would like to add the functionality to your site to ensure that users have to Opt-In to register:

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Go to Custom Fields.
  3. Add a New Field.
  4. Create it as an "Applicants" Target.
  5. Set the field type to a Dropdown.
  6. Enable it to be Required.
  7. Enable it to Show in Registration.
  8. Add one Choice that they need to select in order to opt-in. For example, "Yes, I Accept"
  9. Click Save.

This will add a drop-down field to your registration form. If the field is required, and you only have the one option to Accept, applicants are required to select the choice in order to register. If applicants do not agree to have their data shared, they will not be able to register.

An image of the opt-in form users will see.