How To Download User Information

You may wish to download basic information about the users in your site. This article focuses on the methods to export this information for external records.

Manage Users is the area where administrators can monitor the various users who have registered as applicants, recommenders, and/or reviewers in your site. From here you are able to not only view user information and profiles but download their information for external record keeping as well.

To download user information from Manage Users:

  1. Go to Manage Users.
  2. Adjust the columns that you would like to be visible in the downloaded report. The columns in the download will be the same as the columns that you have enabled within the Manage Users table.
  3. Apply any filters to the displayed users.
  4. Select the users to include in your exported report.
  5. Select the Actions menu.
  6. Select Export.

Once exported, the information will be downloaded as a .csv spreadsheet file.

TIP! Use the Export feature in conjunction with bulk uploading Custom Fields to Users. This will allow you to export the user's name and information, add all the applicable User field information, and then upload the .CSV file back to the site in the required format.