Explaining the Visibility of Pages & Files

Visibility determines the accessibility of a Page or File that has been added to your site. This article serves as a quick reference for setting and troubleshooting the visibility of Pages and Files within your site.

Page visibility is set when the page is created but can be modified at any time by administrators from Pages. Below is an explanation of the functionality of the available visibility options for pages. See How to Add and Manage Pages for more information on managing Pages within your site.

HiddenHidden pages will not appear in the Pages menuHidden pages are not accessible even when a direct link has been providedDefault pages such as the reviewer and applicant pages cannot be marked as hidden
VisibleVisible pages will appear in the Pages menuVisible pages will only appear for users with correct roles. For example, applicants cannot see reviewer pages and reviewers cannot see applicant pages.
UnlistedUnlisted pages will not appear for users Only accessible when a direct link has been provided

To edit the visibility of an existing page:

  1. Go to Pages by selecting Settings then Pages
  2. Select the More Options icon next to the page title
  3. Select Edit
  4. Edit Visibility
  5. Select Save

Files are only available to users who have been provided with a link to download the file. See How to Add and Manage Files for more information on managing Files within your site.

HiddenCannot be accessed even with a direct link to the file
VisibleCan be accessed by selecting a link that directs the user to the file. Once the link is selected the file will begin to download to the user's computerFiles cannot be accessed unless the link to that resource has been provided to your users. See How to Link to Pages and Files for more information on this configuration.