How to Link to Pages and Files

When referencing an external link or a link to a resource such as a page or a file within the site a link can be created that a user can select to access it. This article covers how to create a link to a page or file that has been added to your site or to an external resource and the settings available during this build.

A link is a combination of text that replaces a lengthy URL keeping the presentation of your content clean. Links are also commonly referred to as web links or hyperlinks. For example, instead of adding the full link, the text 'My Site' can be used as a placeholder for the URL instead. The link will redirect the user to the original URL without disrupting the flow of your content.

To create a link within your site:

  1. Create a title for the link within the content editor
  2. Highlight the title of the link
  3. Select the Link icon from the formatting bar 
  4. From the Link Info tab add the destination URL to the URL field
  5. Optional: Select the Target tab and customize how the resource will open for the user
  6. Select OK

TIP! The link icon appears in the formatting bar with a symbol resembling a chain link. If you're unsure, hover your cursor over an icon and a banner will appear with the title of the icon.

To edit a link:

  1. Double click the link to populate the link editor window
  2. Make required updates
  3. Select OK

To remove a link simply clear the text or:

  1. Highlight the linked text
  2. Select the Unlink icon from the formatting bar. This will remove the link and preserve your text