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Webhooks: Overview

SurveyMonkey Apply has the ability to securely communicate with remote servers via Webhooks. This feature works in tandem with our Automation system to expand the functionality of Apply’s decision-making and task automation abilities.

If the condition of any given Automation is met, you can instruct SurveyMonkey Apply to execute a number of actions, one of which is a WebHook. A WebHook will instruct SurveyMonkey Apply to contact a remote server, which can in turn perform an external task.

For example: If you successfully process an application from a new applicant, you can instruct SurveyMonkey Apply to contact your external database server to update a record. This could be useful if you wanted to dynamically update a job opening posted on your corporate website after an application has been accepted by your SurveyMonkey Apply site.

URLThis is the URL of your remote server.
MethodSet this to either GET or POST, depending on the requirements of your remote server.
Additional ContentThis is the Data you would like to have pushed to your remote server.
Authentication This is the form of Authorization you wish to use when passing the Auth Token
Auth TokenOptionally, you can input an authorization that will be passed to your remote server.