Tasks: Overview

Tasks in your site allow you to collect the data from your users in order to make meaningful decisions about awarding your applicants in your site. You can create Applicant form tasks to ask your applicants questions to determine their eligibility, you can create an Applicant Recommender task to invite external users to refer the applicant, and you can create Reviewer tasks which allow for Reviewers in your site to score and provide feedback on submitted applications. 

Task TypeDescription
Fill out a FormCreate a form to ask applications questions required for their application
Attach a FileAllow your applicants to attach supporting documents to their application.
External TaskAllow your applicants to complete a part of the application externally from the site. Once the process is completed externally the task can be marked as complete manually or through Automations.
Get a RecommendationAllow your applicants to ask for a recommendation from an outside user. With this task an email is sent to the recommender and an account is created for them. The recommender can then login and complete the recommendation internally.
Make a PaymentThis task requires a user to pay to continue on in the application process. This is common for sites that charge an application or registration fee to apply.
Verify Charity StatusAsk your applicants for their BN or 501(c)3 Registration numbers.
Task TypeDescription
Simple ReviewThis task is part of a single Simple Review Stage.
It can be set up quickly and are usually based on a rating scale, for example 1 out of 10, or 1 out of 5 stars. It is slightly customizable, however it is made to contain basic questions.
Advanced ReviewThis task is part of a single Advanced Review Stage.
This task is used when you require more extensive reviewing on an application and wish to ask multiple questions to your reviewers.