Rating Scale Question

The Rating Scale question type is, in essence, a Likert question. It is commonly used for reviewer ranking questions where you wish for your reviewers to rank submissions from 1-5 based on various criteria.

  1. Within your form, click on the Questions tab in the top left corner
  2. Under Advanced Questions, double-click or click and drag the Rating Scale question to add it to your form.
  3. Optional: Add an Identifier to your question
  4. Enter the Question Title
  5. Optional: Add a Description
  6. Add your Choices 
    i. Decide if your Choices will have a score associated with them.
  7. Add your Variables.
    i. Decide if the Variable will be Required or Optional
  8. Set the Choice Settings
  9. Set the +Display settings
  10. Set the +Options settings

NOTE: You can add the Choices and Variables individually by clicking Add or by clicking the Bulk button. You can add the variables in a list within the Bulk Editor.

Choice SettingDescription
ScoreScoring allows you to assign a value to each choice. This is commonly used in Reviewer Forms.
Choices will have Default Scoring applied automatically.
Display OptionDescription
Make First Column StaticThe first column refers to the Variable labels. This setting forces the first column to always be visible. This is useful when you have many columns and the user must scroll horizontally through the table.
1st Column Size The 1st column displays the Variable Labels. Adjusts the width of the first column in comparison to the width of the question. By default, this option is 30%.
You can go as low as 10% of the question or as high as 90%. You cannot remove or hide the first column from the question.
Display side-by-sideDisplay this question side by side with another question. 
This will need to be enabled on the other question as well.
Append to previous questionThis question type appends to the question before it to make it appear that they are connected within the form.
NOTE: Any Branching Logic, such as to hide or show the previous question, will also apply to this question. However, the requirement settings won't be. If it is meant to be hidden it will need to be included in the branching logic as well.
WidthYou can adjust the width based on a percentage of the size of the page. By default, the value is 100% to make it fit the page size.
Show BordersShow borders around the question. 
Alternate Background ColourEach Column will be an alternate shade/colour.
Randomize ChoicesSelecting this option randomizes the choices within the Rating Scale upon each form refresh.
Alphabetize choicesVariables (Rows) within your Rating Scale question will appear in alphabetical order (A-Z).
TIP! Use this if you are going to be adding choices to your form after already collecting data. This will allow you to maintain your alphabetical order without jeopardizing your data. Refer to How to Safely Make Changes to a Live Form for more information.
Force UniqueForce a response in a column to remain unique. No two variables can have identical responses