How to Allow a Program to Accept Multiple Applications

When creating a program in build mode administrators can set limits for how many applications each applicant can complete for that specific program. This article covers how to enable multiple applications for your programs.

By default, applicants will only be able to create one application per award.

To allow for multiple applications:

  1. Go to the Program Settings
  2. Select Allow applicants to apply more than once

You can then make one of the following selections:

Limit number of applications to... Set a number greater than 1 as the application limit for a single user
No application limitApplicants can create an unlimited number of applications

NOTE: This is only the limit for this specific program. If you have multiple programs on the site, the user may still be able to create multiple applications across different programs.

To disable the acceptance of multiple applications the selection of "allow applicants to apply more than once" simply needs to be removed.

To remove this selection:

  1. Go to the Program Settings
  2. Remove the selection of "Allow applicants to apply more than once"

If your program is already launched, disabling multiple applications will not result in the deletion of any applications. If a user had created two applications before the limit had been enforced, they will still have access to both applications and will be allowed to submit. It is in the hands of the administrators to delete any extra applications created by applicants when the limit was not active.