How to Add Translations to a Form

This article will outline how to add translations to your form so that users can choose which language to view and complete the form in.

Within the Form Builder, each language will have its own translated version of the form. When creating the form, by default you will be able to create it in English, however, you may wish to toggle between the different languages available in order to write the translated text.

To toggle to another language:

  1. Click on the Language icon language_Icon.png
  2. Select the Language you wish to translate the form in

Once you have switched to the new language, you will see the questions appear in the current translated version of the form. Therefore if a user was to toggle the form language, the text that appears within the form builder for that language is what would be displayed to them.

If you have not yet translated the form, the default question numbers will appear.

In order to translate the form:

  1. Go through each question and add the translated text to the Question Title, Description, Choice/ Variable Labels, etc.
  2. Ensure that each question has been translated to suit your needs.
  3. Save your form.

Translating the form text within a form can be a long and tedious task if you are trying to translate a large form or multiple forms within your site. You can make translations to the site in Bulk through the Translation section of the site.

To translate a form through the Translation Upload:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click More
  3. Click Translations
  4. Download Translation Template. Within the downloaded CSV you will see a row for each of the questions within the site with the current English Text.
  5. Within the additional language column, you can add all of your translations within this CSV.
  6. Once you have completed your translation, upload the back to the site under the corresponding language.
  7. Check your form to ensure that all of the text within the form has been updated correctly

For more detailed steps in regards to uploading a translation CSV please refer to Translations - Overview.

If you have multiple languages within your site your forms will also be available to your applicants in those languages. As mentioned previously, if you have not yet translated the form, the default question numbers will appear.

Here is an example of an untranslated form:

What is your favourite colour?
- Red 
- Blue
- Green
- Yellow
- Purple
Question 1
- Choice 1
- Choice 2
- Choice 3
- Choice 4
- Choice 5

As the French translation has not been updated yet, it will appear with the question numbers to the applicants which can cause confusion to your users filling out the form.