How to Duplicate a Program

The following article will outline why duplicating a program can be a useful process, how to duplicate a program in your site, and what exactly will be duplicated.

Duplicating a program can be a useful step if you wish to have multiple programs in your site with very similar workflows and setups. Instead of creating each program from scratch you can simply create one and duplicate it.

Another reason you may have to duplicate your workflow is if you are beginning a new cycle of your program and wish to make changes to the workflow. You will be able to duplicate the old program, take it offline, and make changes for the new year or cycle.

To duplicate a Program:

  1. Go to your Site Dashboard
  2. Beside your program click on the More Options icon.
  3. Click Duplicate

Your Program will be duplicated as "Copy of [Original Name] (1)". Without renaming the Copy, a subsequent duplicate of either the original or the first copy will be named "Copy of [Original Name] (2)". 

In order to duplicate multiple programs at once:

  1. Go to your Site Dashboard
  2. Toggle your programs to display in List View
  3. Select the checkbox beside the Programs you wish to copy
  4. Click Actions
  5. Click Duplicate

When you duplicate a program, there are certain settings that are copied over and others that are not. Below is a list of what will and will not be duplicated with the Program.

DuplicatedNot Duplicated
- Workflow
- General Program Settings
- Application Settings
- Eligibility Criteria
- Program Categories
- Stages
- All Stage Settings
- Messages
- Tasks/ Forms
- Automations
- Completed Applications
- Labels
- Assignments
- Salesforce Automations