Advanced Automation Settings

Advanced settings can be enabled to alter the behaviour of your automations when an activation is met. This article explains the purpose of these settings and how to enable them for your new and existing automation.

The advanced settings within an automation are available and optional. If advanced settings are not used, automations will fire immediately and infinitely.

LimitSet the limit for the maximum number of times this trigger will fire within the site.
This is not per application. If you set the limit to 1, this trigger will only ever fire once within the site and not once per application.
PriorityWhen you select Control when this automation will run:
Set a priority for the automation so that if another automation fires off of the same activation, one of the automations will always fire before or after the other.
The higher the number, the higher the Priority. 
If priority is used, it should be enabled and set for all automations using that same activation.
DelayWhen you select Control when this automation will run:
Enable to delay the action from occurring when the activation and rules have been satisfied. Hours and Days are available as intervals to create the delay. Once the delay expires, the actions will be performed.
You can also select to check the conditions again after the delay has occurred, to ensure the conditions are still met when the action occurs.

Advanced settings are enabled while editing an automation. If an automation is brand new you will begin this process by first creating a new automation.

To enable advanced settings while editing an automation:

  1. Select Show Advanced Settings
  2. Enable required settings and configure the required limit, priority or delay
  3. Set the ActivationConditions, and the Actions
  4. Select Save
  5. Activate the automation when ready

Over time, your process may change requiring editing of certain features within your site. Existing automations can be updated at any time, but will not perform actions retroactively.

To edit the advanced settings of an existing automation:

  1. Enter the automation to make changes
  2. Select Show Advanced Settings
  3. Enable and configure desired settings (limit, priority or delay)
  4. Set the ActivationConditions, and the Actions
  5. Select Save