How to Archive Questions within a Form to Preserve Collected Data

The purpose of this documentation is to outline the steps you will need to take in order to archive a question within an established form. Some of the main reasons you may wish to archive a question would be:

  • It is no longer relevant to your application process but you wish to preserve the data you have collected
  • The question choices are significantly changing
  1. Go to the Form Builder
  2. Select the question that you wish to archive
  3. Select the Duplicate icon.
    TIP! Rename the original question to indicate it is not active (ie. [ARCHIVED] Program of Study)
  4. Add a new Hidden Field question from the Advanced Question Type dropdown and move it above the archived question. This new question is only visible to administrators.
  5. Name the new Hidden Field question (ie. Hide [ARCHIVED] Program of Study) and give it a value of 1
  6. Open up the Branching Editor
Screenshot of the Duplicate icon highlighted on a question.
  1. Create a new rule by selecting Add Branching Rule
  2. Conditions: select the Hidden Field question where the Value is exactly 1
  3. Actions: select Hide a Question within the Dynamic options and choose the archived question that should be hidden
  4. Save Rule
  5. Save your form and preview your page to confirm that the question will not appear for applicants
Screenshot of the Branching rules Conditions with the hidden Field question where the Value is exactly 1.
Screenshot of the branching rules Actions.