How to Set a Deadline on an Applicant Task

Deadlines allow you to maintain a schedule within your Application process. You can set a deadline on an applicant task to ensure that your applicants complete that task by a certain date. Once a deadline for a task passes, users can no longer access or edit the task.

  1. Go to your Workflow
  2. Click on the Name of the application stage to access the stage configurations.
  3. Click on Tasks
  4. Hover your cursor over the task you wish to apply a deadline to.
  5. Click on the Edit Icon
  6. Click on the Deadline Field and enter a future date
  7. Add a close time to the deadline. The time zone for the time set will be based on your sites time zone. However, to the end user, the time will be displayed in the user's time zone.
  8. Click Save

NOTE: If you also have a stage deadline applied to the stage, the deadline you place on the individual task will override the stage deadline, provided the task deadline is before the stage deadline. This will allow you to restrict less time for applicants to complete this task compared to the other tasks within this stage.