Application + Review Combined Reports

Combining Application and Reviewer data in one report within SurveyMonkey Apply is now available and easy to configure. For example, you can create a report that includes both Applicants entered form responses along with scoring and comments entered by your Reviewers.

  1. Click Reports (located in the navigation bar at the top of your SMA Admin Dashboard)
  2. Click + Create in the top right-hand corner
  3. Give your report a name
  4. Select “Reviewers + Reviews” as the data to include
  5. Select a program source, you may only select one
  6. Select the columns you'd like to include in the Report
Image of the screen you see when creating an application and review report.

7. Click Save or Save & Export to immediately pull the information.

When pulling Application + Review data into one report, the data will be organized by Application Data Point, regardless of how your columns are configured. 

For instance, If you create your report with an Application Data Point (i.e. Application ID) as the first column:

Image of a screenshot show how the report export will display.

If you create your report with a Review Data Point (i.e. Reviewer Email) as the first column: 

Image of screenshot showing columns displaying when creating a report with review data point as the first column.

Your export will look something like this:

Image showing the export of the report with a review data point column.

Both options organize the data by the Application Data added to the report.