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Application Activity Log

Within each application is an activity log of the actions the user has taken on their application. This article will provide a brief overview of the Application Activity Log.

In order to access an applications Activity Log as an administrator:

  1. Assume the Role of the Applicant
  2. Click to Continue or View the application
  3. Select the Activity tab at the top of the application

If you wish for the activity log of the application to be visible to reviewers within the site you can enable this within the visibility section of each reviewer stage in your site. 

In order to enable the visibility of the activity log to reviewers:

  1. Go to your Workflow
  2. Access the Stage Configurations of the Review Stage
  3. Under Application Information, select Activity Log

In order to view the activity log of an application as a reviewer:

  1. Assume the Role of the Reviewer
  2. Access the review panel for the specific program/stage
  3. Click to access the reviewer split screen for the application
  4. Access the Summary tab of Application Details

The application Activity Log will provide details on the actions of the applicant within their applications. The following information will be recorded within an activity log when it occurs within the application:

  • Application was created
  • Applicant has begun a task
  • Application has completed a task. If an applicant was to re-enter and edit a task this will also be recorded as "completed"
  • Application was submitted
  • Collaborator was invited to the application
  • Recommendation Request sent
  • Recommender has completed their recommendation