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Piping Variables: Overview

Piping Variables are an extremely useful tool to use in your site that can be used in both Forms and Emails. Piping Variables allow you to customize the text based on the user accessing the form or receiving the email. This article is an overview of how to use and format piping variables within your site.

TIP! In order to ensure that the correct variable is being used in the site, we recommend using the piping tool to pipe variables into forms and emails as this will also include any variables that are unique to your site.

Piping Variables are expressions within the site to reference other information that has already been provided. They are useful because they personalize the site to the user that is accessing it. For example, they can be used within an email to pipe in the first name of the user into the email, so instead of the email stating "Dear Applicant" it can state "Dear Tom."

Within Forms, they can also be used to pipe from form to form, or within the same form in order to save time for the user. Instead of asking the applicant to enter the same information within different sections of the site, you can have a field for them to enter the information once. Then use Piping Variables to pass that information to other forms.

Although you can enter variables easily using the internal tool, you may also be required to enter it manually at some point or adjust a formatting issue should it occur.

Piping Variables can be formatted in the following manner:

  1. Start your variable by adding 2 curly brackets {{
  2. Add a space after the second bracket
  3. Enter your variable, for example, applicants full name would be "applicant.full_name"
  4. After your expression, add a space. 
  5. Close your rule with 2 closed curly brackets }}

An example of a properly formatted variable is:  {{ applicant.full_name }}

ObjectVariableThis will pipe from...
Owner{{ site.owner }}Settings > Administrators
This will pipe the Name of the Primary Administrator
Primary administrator email{{ site.owner_email }}Settings > Administrators
Name{{ }}Settings > General
URL{{ site.url }}Settings > General
Site tagline{{ site.tagline }}Settings > General
Organization{{ site.organization }}Settings > General
ObjectVariableThis will pipe from...
Name{{ }}Edit Program > Basics > Title
Summary{{ award.tag_line }}Edit Program > Basics > Summary
Description{{ award.description }}Edit Program > Basics > Description
URL{{ award.url }}Edit Program > Basics > URL
Custom fields{{ award.field__<field_id> }}This is specific to your site and will pipe the values to the Program Custom Field you select
ObjectVariableThis will pipe from...
Title{{ submission.title }}The Title of the application
Depending on your program settings this may be the same as the Application ID
Stage{{ submission.round }}The stage of the workflow that the application is in
Status{{ submission.status }}Any Custom Statuses that you have applied to the application
State{{ submission.state }}Whether the application is:
Whether the application is:
- Active
- Archived
- Hidden
- Locked
- Trashed
Submittal{{ submission.submittal }}Whether the application is:
- Not Started
- In Progress
- Submitted
Application ID{{ submission.reference_id }}The application ID as you have it set under your Program Settings
Date Submitted{{ submission.date_submitted }}The Date the application was submitted
Form Responses{{ submission.var__<survey_id>__<question_id> }}These fields are specific to your site and will allow you to pipe application form responses
Application custom fields{{ submission.field__<field_id> }}This is specific to your site and will pipe the values to the Application Custom Field you select
Application decision{{ submission.decision.decision }}The Decision you have selected on the Application:
- Awarded
- Declined
Award amount{{ submission.decision_amount }}The amount you have chosen to award the application during the decision process
Decision custom fields{{ submission.decision.field__<field_id> }}Any Custom Fields you have applied to the decision process.
Labels{{ submission.labels }}Any Custom Labels you have applied to the application
Collaborator full name{{ submission.member_full_names }}Found within applications which have a collaborator; Applications > [select application] > Summary
Collaborator first name{{ submission.member_first_names }}Applications > [select application] > Summary
Collaborator last name{{ submission.member_last_names }}Applications > [select application] > Summary
Collaborator emails{{ submission.member_emails }}Applications > [select application] > Summary
ObjectVariableThis will pipe from...
Full Name{{ applicant.full_name }}Application Owner's Profile
First Name{{ applicant.first_name }}Application Owner's Profile
Last Name{{ applicant.last_name }}Application Owner's Profile
Email{{ }}Application Owner's Profile
Eligibility form responses{{ applicant.elig__<survey_id>__<question_id> }}This is specific to your site and will pipe the responses the applicant gave to the Eligibility form
Applicant Custom Fields{{ applicant.field__<field_id> }}This is specific to your site and will pipe the values to the Applicant Custom Field you select.
ObjectVariableThis will pipe from...
Full Name{{ recommender.full_name }}Recommender's Profile
First Name{{ recommender.first_name }}Recommender's Profile
Last Name{{ recommender.last_name }}Recommender's Profile
Email{{ }}Recommender's Profile
Custom fields{{ recommender.field__<field_id> }}This is specific to your site and will pipe the values to the Recommender Custom Field you select
Form responses{{ submission.recommendation__<survey_id>__<question_id> }}These fields are specific to your site and will allow you to pipe recommender form responses*

* This will pipe multiple responses if there are multiple recommenders on an application.

ObjectVariableThis will pipe from...
Full Name{{ reviewer.full_name }}Reviewer's Profile
First Name{{ reviewer.first_name }}Reviewer's Profile
Last Name{{ reviewer.last_name }}Reviewer's Profile
Email{{ }}Reviewer's Profile
Custom fields{{reviewer.field__<field_id> }}This is specific to your site and will pipe the values to the Reviewer Custom Field you select.
Advanced review form responses{{ submission.review__<survey_id>__<question_id> }}These fields are specific to your site and will allow you to pipe reviewer form responses.
Simple review comments{{ submission.review__<survey_id>__<question_id> }}These fields are specific to your site and will allow you to pipe reviewer form responses.
ObjectVariableThis will pipe from...
Name{{ }}Organization's Profile
Primary admin full name{{ submission.organization.admin_full_name }}Organization's Profile
Primary admin first name{{ submission.organization.admin_first_name }}Organization's Profile
Primary admin last name
{{ submission.organization.admin_last_name }}
Organization's Profile
Primary admin email{{ submission.organization.admin_email }}Organization's Profile
Eligibility form responses{{ submission.organization.elig__<survey_id>__<question_id> }}This is specific to your site and will pipe the responses the organization gave to the Eligibility form
Custom fields{{ submission.organization.field__<field_id> }}This is specific to your site and will pipe the values to the Organization Custom Field you select
Tax ID{{ submission.organization.tax_number }}Organization's Profile
Organization phone{{ }}Organization's Profile
Organization email{{ }}Organization's Profile
Address{{ submission.organization.address }}Organization's Profile
City {{ }}Organization's Profile
Country{{ }}Organization's Profile
Website{{ }}Organization's Profile