How to Test your Salesforce Integration

In order to test properly and for troubleshooting purposes, it is recommended to start from scratch - create a new submission and follow the application process as created in SurveyMonkey Apply. 

When using your test submission:

✔ Ensure that the Salesforce integration action runs on the specified time (created, edited, submitted, and automated activations)

✔ Check the logs found in the Salesforce integration

✔ If using an automation, ensure that it fired by accessing the Automation Logs.

✔ In the logs, select the Arrow on the right side of the log on which the action ran to see more information, such as the fields and the values. This will tell you whether or not the information was collected and pushed/pulled correctly.

The status that is given to the record is based on the information that Salesforce sends to FluidReview. 

If you receive an unsuccessful status, the Sync Details will typically provide the reason why and in some instances a recommendation to resolve it. Below are a few potential reasons an error may occur:

A common error may be "Required fields are missing: [Salesforce Field]"

In order to troubleshoot this type of error:

  1. Refer to the Log Details to determine the action that was meant to fire for this submission.
  2. Within the Integration page, go to the Action the error occurred for
  3. Refer to the Salesforce Field that is detailed in the error
  4. Verify what the corresponding FluidReview Field is
  5. Using the submission that received the error, check to make sure that the FluidReview Field has a response.

For example, the Salesforce Field "CloseDate" may be linked to the Submittal date of a submission. 

If you receive the error "Required fields are missing: [CloseDate]" it is likely that the submission has not yet been submitted within the site. If this is a common error, you may wish to configure the Action, or the Trigger Sync, to ensure that this action only occurs once the submission has been submitted within the site. 

Fuzzy logic rules enabled for Salesforce fields can impact the ability to match with an existing contact in Salesforce successfully in order to write the record to it. If a sync record is marked as “unsuccessful” and this is related to fuzzy logic rules, you may find the following error attached to an unsuccessful sync record:

“You're creating a duplicate record. We recommend you use an existing record instead.”

If Fuzzy Logic is enabled within Salesforce, and you have different submissions within FluidReview with similar information they could be recognized as the same record in Salesforce. 

When the change occurs (the name was updated in Salesforce), a manual sync of the failed action can be used to run the action specifically for that submission again.

Closed Ended questions such as a dropdown in FluidReview are pushed as a string to SF. This means that the SF field can be a text response, or it can also be a picklist

  • If the Salesforce Field is a text response, ensure the validation allows for the string to be accepted (e.g. check character limits and other validations)
  • If the Salesforce field is a picklist, ensure that the choices within FluidReview are exactly Matched to the Picklist in Salesforce. 

In some cases, it is possible that the record will be recorded as "Successful" however when you click to view the record details the fields have not be fully populated. 

If this is the case, the main reason this may occur is because the field what you are pulling from does not contain a response and the field being pushed to is not required. For example, if you are running a Push Action, and have a field in Salesforce that is not required, the Action will still run and be successful, even if the linked SMApply field is blank.