SurveyMonkey Apply

Salesforce V4: Overview

Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool and it can house large amounts of information. The information in Salesforce is often required within Apply in order to fulfill a client’s procedural requirements. Similarly, information in Apply is often required to be sent back to Salesforce.

Currently, the integration supports the flow of data between systems for the following objects in SurveyMonkey Apply:

  • Organizations (push to Salesforce only)
  • Users
    • Applicants
    • Collaborators
    • Recommenders
    • Reviewers
    • Administrators
  • Applications
    • Recommendations (push to Salesforce only)
    • Reviews (push to Salesforce only)

The integration supports the following Salesforce fields:

  • String
  • Text area
  • Email
  • Boolean
  • Int
  • Double (Floating point number)
  • Date
  • Date/time
  • Time
  • Phone
  • URL
  • Picklist

Information is collected within Apply in the way of creating, editing, or submitting a submission, updating a user or organization profile, and completing a review or recommendation. This information can be mapped to the corresponding Salesforce field in the form of a PUSH action in our integration. This allows for a client to gain access to the fields that are most important to them from within their Salesforce environment, without having to access Apply.

If your client already has information on the applicant housed in their Salesforce, we can PULL this into their Apply submission or user profile, potentially eliminating the need for the applicants to re-enter the information. Data from Salesforce cannot be pulled into the following Apply objects: recommendation, reviews, and organization profiles.