How to Use Automations to Sync to Salesforce

If you are using an automation to sync on a specific activation (and to add conditions), typically, beside when to initiate the sync you would leave all options (Created, Edited & Submitted) unselected. In this case you can use the Automation Action “Sync Site Data with Salesforce" which will appear once your Integration has been created. 

If you have more than one program within your SM Apply site we strongly recommend using Automations to Sync to Salesforce as opposed to the default "When to Fire setting" within the Action. 

With multiple programs in the site if you are not using automations to sync the actions, you run the risk of applications activating a sync for an action that is not related to the program of that application. This could result in errors in the log and blank or incorrect objects in your Salesforce environment.

If you wish to create a trigger to sync your salesforce action:

  1. Create a Program or Stage Automation
  2. Add an Activation to your automation based on when you want the sync to occur.
    TIP! Set the activation to be "Application Task -- Task has been marked as complete (every time)", and select a specific task to ensure that the sync will occur when the task is first completed, and any time after that it is edited. 
  3. Click Set Activation
  4. Optional: Set Conditions on your automation. For Example, in order for the sync to occur the applicant must give a specific response to a question. 
  5. Under DO, click the dropdown -- Select an Action --
  6. Select Integrations
  7. Select Sync Site Data with Salesforce
  8. Select which action you would like to sync when this trigger fires. 
  9. Optional: If you wish to sync multiple Salesforce Actions, click Add Action to add a new "Sync Site Data with Salesforce" Action
  10. Click the toggle at the bottom of the screen to Activate the automation.
  11. Click Save Trigger