Salesforce: How to Prepare

Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool and it can house large amounts of information. The information in Salesforce is often required within SurveyMonkey Apply in order to fulfill a client’s procedural requirements. Similarly, information in SM Apply is often required to be sent back to Salesforce.

Currently, the integration only allows for application-based information. When an application is created, Applicant Custom Fields can be pushed or pulled. Therefore, you will not be able to pull information from an Eligibility Form in the site.

Information is collected within SM Apply in the way of creating, editing or submitting an application. This information can be mapped to the corresponding Salesforce field in the form of a “Push” action in our integration. This allows for a client to gain access to the fields that are most important to them from within their Salesforce environment, without having to access SM Apply.

If you already have information on the applicant housed in Salesforce, we can PULL this into their SM Apply application, potentially eliminating the need for the applicants to re-enter the information.

This integration allows your organization to exchange information between Salesforce and SurveyMonkey Apply. To get started, ask yourself:

What type of data needs to be exchanged?

  • Applicant information?
  • Recommender information?
  • Reviewer information?

What type of fields are being sent from Salesforce?

SM Apply facilitates the setup of the integration; however, a member of your organization will be responsible for configuration and mapping. The integration is established using one set of Salesforce login credentials that belong to your Salesforce environment. To get started, ask yourself:

  • Do I have a general Salesforce admin login? [hint: you’ll need one]
  • Who initially configured my company’s Salesforce environment? [colleague or 3rd party?]
  • Is the person responsible for the integration familiar with my company’s Salesforce environment?

Information can either be PULLED into SM Apply or PUSHED out to Salesforce. In order for this to occur, the fields in SM Apply should match those in Salesforce. To get started, ask yourself:

  • What information needs to be PULLED into SM Apply?
  • What information needs to be PUSHED to Salesforce?